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Fabrication of the materials used in all of the design categories of our railing, gates, fencing, decorative window and door overlays, chandeliers, sconces, light fixtures, custom furnishings and accessories is welded construction.  We fabricate in iron, stainless steel, aluminum and brass.  Our welds and construction carry a lifetime warranty against breakage from normal wear and tear, usual and customary usage.  Exterior finishes, rust and accidental damages are not warrantied.  Pre-fabricated fencing systems including fence panels and gates are also available.  Please contact us directly to discuss the availability of pre-fabricated pieces.

We offer three distinct levels of design:

Functional Art: The most customized product we offer which is created from an original concept that meticulously enhances the overall design of your home or business.

Traditional:  A design that pairs harmoniously with a variety of construction styles and finishes.  Options in this category include scroll work that pairs with a variety of balustrade guard rails, collars, base plates and caps.

Basic:  Yours to consider when you primary emphasis is on functionality and quality delivered in a straight forward design.  We offer basic balustrade guard rails, usually with minimal decorative components.

In addition to custom build, we also offer pre-fabricated fencing systems that includes fence panels and gates.  The systems are manufactured of 100% galvanized steel, feature fully welded construction, a premium powder coat finish and include customizable decorative inserts.  This is an excellent product with a classic ornamental iron look and feel. When time is of the essence or you're looking for a great value and a competitively priced product,  we're pleased to offer these systems for your consideration.

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Woodard's Custom Wrought Iron & Metal Works